state the obvious.

what the hell !!
why do people always have to tell me things i already know?!
don't they think i am capable of doing whatever they always tell me?! 

it's starting to annoy me already.
everyone keeps telling me to do this and that..
don't they think i know that already?!
why don't they let me think for myself?!

i AM capable of doing something!
i AM capable of thinking ahead of time!

agh. i feel so furstrated.
damn it.

NANA addiction

it's been.. what?.. a week?.. not really sure. but more or less i've been listening to songs from NANA anime and the movie. everytime i open my mp3 at school, on the street, or even before i sleep, i only listen to 3 folders out of  21. mika nakashima, yuna ito, and songs from the anime NANA.

okay, so maybe i listen to other music. but after one song, i still feel like listening to mika nakashima's deep voice.

i haven't been this addicted to an artist since.. i can't even remember. i don't feel satisfied if it isn't loud enough for me to hear the bass guitar as clear as the electric.

there was a time when i wanted to listen to mika nakashima while solving an equation. XD

Mika Nakshima (Nana Osaki - NANA the movie)

everytime i hear mika nakashima's voice, i get goosebumps.. or something similar.
it gives me a thrilling feeling i can't even comprehend.

the way the guitar, bass, and drums are played together, makes my stress go away.
her deep, high pitched voice in "glamorous sky" and "my medicine" hypnotizes me.

Yuna Ito (Reira - NANA the movie)

now, her songs give me a different feeling.

when i listen to her music, my emotions get mixed up.. i get mixed up.

the music gives me a calm, painful feeling (like i said, mixed).
it makes me remember good and bad times.
this time, her strong, high pitched voice calms my heart and reminds me of bad memories.
though i don't want to remember these memories, i still listen to her songs.

Anna Tsuchiya and Olivia (Nana Osaki and Reira - Nana anime series)

as i watch the series, my heart always pounds so fast, especially when they start performing. Again, Nana Osaki's voice is nice and deep, while Reira's is calming.

 the current happenings in the series is making me nuts.  teh clash of BLAST and TRAPNEST. XD

i say, their music really makes me go crazy.
my addiction to NANA songs (both from the movie and the anime series) is at its peak.
and so, my love for music has even grown.
officially, rock is my music for this year. XD